Things People Say About Depression That Are Not True

People say a lot of things about depression that are simply not true at all. These myths can make someone that suffers from depression feel a lot worse about themselves if they’re not sure what’s true or not. Educate yourself on what depression is by taking the myths below and figuring out if they are true or not.

Depression With Medications and Therapy

DepressionSome people think that depressed people are just having a case of “the blues” and that it is normal. Well, if you have been diagnosed with some sort of depression then you know that this isn’t the case. If you’re down and feeling sad for no reason at all for extended periods of time, it is a chemical imbalance that can be corrected with medication and therapy. This will not just go away if you have depression.

Suffering from depression doesn’t make you a weak person. Plenty of people that are well known have struggled with it, and many people are diagnosed with it every day. Sure, it wasn’t that well known in the past, but now that science is exploring the causes of it there are a lot more people getting diagnosed. It’s still kind of a newer science, so people still need to be educated that it’s a chemical imbalance.

Depression is not some kind of psychosis. It is caused by not producing certain chemicals in the brain enough. Mental disorders that include psychosis have people believing in things that are not true, or delusions. Depression is vastly different and takes a different class of medications to control. While it can be just as bad as other mental disorders, it is not the same in any way.

Depression with a chronic physical health problem

Some people think that mental disorders are just caused by stress and are a normal part of every day life. This is not true, however, because there are studies that show chemicals in the brain are responsible for mood. Having depression is very much like having a physical health problem. In fact, it can also affect your physical health. People should understand that if it were just stress, then it would go away when the stress went away.

Some people think they have to shield or protect the person that has depression. This could backfire and make the depressed person feel even worse, so don’t let this happen. How would you feel if you had a broken arm or something and people would try to do everything for you? Most people just want to be treated normally, so don’t treat anyone with any kind of illness any different. It’s very easy to spot others trying too hard to help, and it makes people look like they don’t know what they’re dealing with.

Depression is a fairly common mental disorder that lots of people struggle with daily. Even though there are tons of myths out there about depression, they mostly are not true. Treatment is available for depression, so don’t worry about what people think and get your life back on track.