Depression Test

Depression TestThis depression test is not intended to substitute for a professional evaluation, which is needed to make a diagnosis of depression or bipolar disorder.

Although, the depression test can provide insights to help people understand if they, or someone they love are dealing with issues more substantial than just a “bad mood.”

Depression Test: Questionaire

  1. Do you or they feel a deep sense of depression, sadness, or hopelessness most of the day?
  2. Have you or they experienced diminished interest in most or all activities?
  3. Have you or they experienced significant appetite or weight change when not dieting?
  4. Have you or they experienced a significant change in sleeping patterns?
  5. Do you or they feel unusually restless…or unusually sluggish?
  6. Do you or they feel unduly fatigued?
  7. Do you or they experience persistent feelings of hopelessness or inappropriate feelings of guilt?
  8. Have you or they experienced a diminished ability to think or concentrate?
  9. Do you or they have recurrent thoughts of death or suicide?

Understanding the Depression Test

If you or someone you care about answers yes to three or more of these questions, and if the symptoms described have been present nearly every day for 2 weeks or more, you should consider speaking to a health care professional about different treatment options for depression. If you answer “yes” to #9, please look for a professional to speak with regardless of the answers to other questions on the depression test.

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