Depression Checklist

The depression checklist offers people a good place to start when seeking answers to depression related issues. For folks that might be suffering depression, the depression checklist can help narrow the focus and identify areas of concern.

Depression ChecklistDepression Checklist: General Questions

□ I am often restless and irritable.

□ I am having irregular sleep patterns; either too much or too little.

□ I don’t enjoy hobbies, my friends, family or leisure activities anymore.

□ I am having trouble managing my diabetes, hypertension or other chronic illness.

□ I have nagging aches and pains that do not get better no matter what I do.

□ I have trouble concentrating or making simple decisions.

□ My weight has changed a considerable amount.

□ Others have commented on my mood or attitude lately.

□ I have thought about suicide.

□ I have a family history of depression.

□ I feel that my functioning in everyday life (work, family, friends) is suffering because of these problems.

□ I have had several of the symptoms I checked above for more than two weeks.

Depression Checklist: Physical Symptoms

□ Digestive problems

□ Headache or backache

□ Chest pains

□ Vague aches and pains like joint or muscle pains

□ Dizziness

Depression Checklist: Results

If you can answer positively to one or two of the items on the depression checklist, it might be a good idea to consult your health care provider. Those that can say yes to over three of the depression checklist items should definitely seek further examination as to the source of their difficulty.