The Most Common Causes of Depression

Depression usually does not strike without cause or at random; there is nearly always a fundamental reason for it. Although people respond to life’s challenges differently, the same underlying effects usually present themselves as some level of depression. The following article discusses the most common causes of depression and often most serious reasons for depression.

Common Causes of Depression & Reasons for Depression

Causes of Depression1. Losing a loved one. Death is one of the predominant precursors of depression in every culture. A force greater than ourselves which takes from us the most precious and irreplaceable things in our lives. Depression brought about by the loss of a loved one usually needs to be addressed with professional counseling, as it can easily cause someone to slip into a lengthy and deep state of sadness.

2. Divorce. As common as the act of divorce is, nobody ever easily adapts to the tearing apart of a family, even if it is just a couple involved. People are creatures of habit and easily become familiar with each other’s company; with a separation comes a void which when left empty provides fertile grounds for depression. Most especially when children are involved, divorce has such a dramatic impact on lives that professional intervention is probably best.

3. Postpartum blues. The hormones from pregnancy have a huge impact on a woman’s body and can leave her in a dangerous mental state. This condition is more common than most people think and cannot be attributed to the strength or determination of the individual and is certainly no reflection on her mothering ability. This chemical state of depression needs prompt medical attention and follow-up.

4. Finances. Either with a sudden loss of a job or the gradual accumulation of debt, poor financial health is a common causes of depression. A decline in someone’s ability to provide for themselves and/or their family is such an enormous burden that it produces very high-intensity pressure and can lead to explosive behavior. In such situations, counseling for both the management of money and debt as well as the accompanying mental effects are usually the best course of action to follow.

5. Serious illness. Dealing with issues of mortality, chronic pain or disability understandably lead to depressed states. Although professional help is usually needed to help people deal with these heavy issues, often peer-to-peer groups are the most effective at teaching people to cope, adapt and make the best of what they are dealt with. Few things are more medicinal than a fellow human truly understanding and empathizing with what you are going through. Long term contact between patients suffering with similar conditions and facing the same challenges is usually the healthiest road to take.

By understanding the common causes of depression and how this disease effects us both mentally and physically, we can learn how to properly treat it. Life has a way of getting us down sometimes, but finding ways to cope and overcome usually results in making us stronger and smarter people. No matter what the cause or apparent severity, the one thing nobody should ever do with depression is ignore it.