Six Powerful Ways To Fight Depression

Depression can get the best of anybody, but how we deal with this overwhelming condition makes the difference between bouncing back or giving in. Look at your depression as a problem you can solve with creative thinking, rather than something you have no control over! The following six tips to fight depression and a great place to start.

6 Tips to Fight Depression & Strengthen Mental Health

Fight Depression1. Spend time outdoors. Getting adequate sunlight can help your body in so many ways, and strengthen you to fight depression. Light helps to regulate your internal sleeping schedule and getting it from the sun also provides you with a number of healthy nutrients. Always make sure your time outdoors is protected by a good sunscreen but skip the sunglasses for a few minutes, as light entering through your retina is highly beneficial!

2. Aerobics. Getting your heart pumping and endorphins flowing is a very productive way to fend off depression and keep yourself fit at the same time. Reach for that “runner’s high” and enjoy the process. Doing something that is good for you will also boost your self-esteem and image. Just make sure you are healthy enough for any activity you engage in.

3. Mingle. Getting out there with people, whether you chose to discuss your personal problems or not, is very good medicine for depression. We tend to isolate ourselves when depressed, which is the opposite of what we should be doing. Find a comfortable social circle to immerse yourself in regularly, for a healthier mentality and less depression.

4. Eat well. Things like omega-3 fatty acids are scientifically shown to improve brain function, and depression is itself a function of the brain. Change your diet completely if necessary, avoiding an abundance of chemicals, sugar and salt that weighs you down mentally and physically. The more energy your body puts out, the more power you have to fight depression. Not to mention how much better a healthy diet is for you anyway!

5. Sleep tight. Make a ritual out of bed time, devoted entirely to your comfort and pampering. Keep lighting to a minimum and use soft sounds to drown out anything intrusive like traffic or neighbors. Spend time fixing up the area you sleep in with attractive and soothing patterns and colors. Try to get to bed at roughly the same time each night and awake on a schedule too. Your circadian rhythm plays an important role in staving off symptoms of depression.

6. Train your brain. Patterns of neurons form with repetition; like riding a bicycle, your mind develops reflex and instinct. If your thought patterns are predominantly negative, you will feel depressed, even suffering physically with aches, pains and fatigue. Condition your thinking to reflect on positive things–by force if needed. Turn to things you love like comedy or music every time you feel a depressed thought sinking in. Learning to control your thinking will empower you over depression.

Everybody experiences depression sometime, but it’s how we face it that distinguishes a strong and able body from one who just accepts it without a fight depression. Stand up for yourself and your right to lead a happy and productive life, and find ways to beat your depression.