Safe Practices While Battling Depression

When you are depressed, you might feel like that you are sinking in this world and that you will never feel sunlight again. This growing darkness only gets worse with time and sets in further unless you can find some ways to lighten up parts of your life. Do not be overwhelmed at the thought of having to fix everything in your life, as it only takes a candle to provide light to a dark room. Keep reading for five ways of battling depression and find some spark in a depressed life.

Battling Depression with Light Therapy

Battling DepressionKeep an open mind at times, and be willing to try new ideas that those you trust suggest to you. If you see any kind of therapist while battling depression, they are likely going to have some suggestions that are totally alien to you. If the depressing elements of your life are all too familiar to you, then why not try something new and see if it is better? Any suggestions recommended by mental health professional might seem really uncomfortable and awkward at first, but give them a whirl anyway. You might find some new delights.

When you are battling depression, write about how things are going, but try to limit yourself to three pages a day. Also, never rush the pages. It is good to write out the feelings that you are experiencing so that you can clear your head of them, but never scribble them down so fast that you are in fact forming a morning habit of obsessing over them. In fact, when you write slowly and mindfully, you are likely going to tire of the negativity within a page or two and start recounting something that went well the previous day. Build on that today if you can.

Set some really small goals that are within reach at the time of battling depression. Maybe you can not find the perfect job before you have to go in for your next gruesome shift at your current one. But maybe you could clean the bathroom you do not even look at when you enter it? Even if you are not treated well at work or school, or even by family, you can treat yourself well within your personal space and free parts of your schedule.

Practice gratitude when you can. You do not have to be happy about what you have, but you can still be grateful for what you have left. As you are out and about in the world, keep your eyes open.

What about the person in the wheelchair?

Who is in the ambulance zipping by?Notice the homeless man panhandling? There are those out there not doing so well who would be thrilled to be in your shoes. Your depression is real, and it hurts, but it also needs perspective to keep from swallowing you.

Start cutting back on your caffeine intake. It gets you revved up more than need be, and probably just boosts a physical and mental exhaustion you already have. Also, caffeine makes your body boost production of stress hormones. A great choice to replace caffeinated beverages is tulsi tea, otherwise known as holy basil tea.

Now that you have read this article, you have five ways to light little candles of hope in your life so that you can start prying the fingers of depression’s clutch on your life. Go slow and steady, and you can find happiness again.