Repurposing Your Space to Alleviate Mild Depression

Relieves Symptoms of Mild Depression

Mild Depression
If you suffer from chronic low-level or mild depression, your surroundings can help you improve how you feel. Use the tips below to incorporate a strategy for relieving symptoms of mild depression by repurposing sections of your living space.

If you know why you’re feeling depressed, incorporate space changes that address that specific contributing factor to your depression. For instance, if winter lighting impacts how you feel, incorporate additional lighting in your living space to brighten your environment.

If your mild depression is symptomatic of loneliness, consider your eating spaces. For instance, if you’re lonely, an empty dining room or kitchen table might exaggerate this feeling when you walk by the space. Instead, repurpose your dining room to suit an activity that you frequently do at home. You can focus on making your dining room space an office with a table that can also be used to entertain on those occasions when you have company rather than having a dining room that you sometimes use as an office. By changing the primary purpose of the room from a dining room to an office, you’ll be more likely to use and enjoy your space.

If you feel lonely and your kitchen has a table that can seat four comfortably but you typically eat alone, consider pushing your table against a wall which will reduce the number of chairs it accommodates to two rather than leaving all four chairs out all the time.

You can repurpose the gained space you gain by pushing a table against the wall in your kitchen with a bookcase accent that provides you with favorite reading material to read while you’re eating. This repurposed space can make mealtime something you look forward to.

Consider rearranging or choosing different artwork to display in your home. Choose pieces that reflect interests you have or goals that you’ve identified for yourself or simply places that make you happy. For instance, if you like the beach, incorporate a beach and waterfront into some of the artwork you display.

If you’ve lost your job, consider repurposing your television room to incorporate elements of a home office. Whether you’re job hunting or considering a career change, creating an office destination can help relieve depressed feelings you have about not going out to your former job.

Add mirrors to spaces so that you’re encouraged to look at your appearance during the day. By paying attention to your appearance, you’re less likely to start to “look” depressed

Tips to Reduce Mild Depression

Don’t display items that you include in your dcor to avoid hurting others’ feelings. Whether it’s an ugly wall calendar or a piece of furniture that a relative gave you, you have no obligation to display or even keep items you don’t like. Lightening your burden of feeling like you have to fulfill someone else’s expectations to the point where you’re displaying stuff that person gave you can greatly increase your sense of control over your environment and reduce feelings of depression.

Repurposing space in your home can improve feelings of depression by creating an environment that better suits your lifestyle. Use the above suggestions for scrutinizing your space to reduce feelings of depression.