Myths About Depression Busted

There are certain myths that seem to revolve around depression. If you know any of these myths, they might be holding you back from acknowledging your depression or getting help for it. Keep reading to learn about some of these myths so that you can make informed decisions regarding your own wellness and helping those around you.

Myths about Corporate Wellness

MythsThere is a somewhat fine line that separates depression from just feeling blue. Certain periods in life cause anyone to feel down for a while. The first few days after losing a loved one to death can really hurt, as can particularly stressful work-weeks or times of illness. Depression is not usually recognized as being set in until you feel totally down for more than a week. So do not beat yourself up for just being in a bad mood for a few days.

Never assume that someone who suffers depression is somehow weak or flawed. Everyone is human, and therefore imperfect. Each person alive is just as capable as feeling good and bad, and as it is possible to feel really good, it is also possible to feel really bad. Never criticize yourself or anyone battling depression. It is not likely their fault.

Depression is not a form of psychosis. Psychoses are very dangerous mental conditions, and anyone suffering from one needs serious help. However, while depression is also a negative mental state, it is not one so severe that someone afflicted is a sudden danger to themselves or others. Depressed individuals do not have trouble staying connected to reality. As a matter of fact, they are often a little too connected to the more negative aspects of it, which fuels their depression.

Stress and depression should not be overly confused with one another. Sometimes, individuals get stressed out and show signs that resemble depression, but depression is a far more long term situation. There is a correlation between the two though. Acute stress often brings out the best in people, but stresses that hang around too long or come up again and again turn into chronic stresses. These can lead to depression.

Depression is sometimes chemically based within the body. Some might believe that since it started on its own that it will go away on its own. This is usually false. However, one trip to the doctor can sometimes change things.

Sometimes individuals around a depressed person feel like that the victim needs some kind of shielding or protection. Living in a bubble will not help them. What they need is good company, love and feelings of happiness. Trying to protect them can in fact backfire for you and them as they feel you are acting superior to them.

Depression is perhaps the most common of all mental afflictions. It is really important to know the actual reality about this illness, both for your own sake and in dealing with anyone around you who might have it themselves. Knowing the truths over the myths can lead to a far easier time recognizing depression so that appropriate treatment can be had.