Indications That You May Be Suffering From Depression

How do you know if you’ve just had a few bad days or if there is cause for concern with your emotional state? Are you just a little fatigued or is there something more going on? If you ever have to ask yourself such questions, you also need a good source for answers. Look over the following article for helpful information to keep in mind when you have questions about being depressed.

Watch For This Signs of Depression: Symptoms

Depression1. Are you disinterested in most things? If you’ve lost the “oomph” you usually have for hobbies, activities or just hanging out with your friends, this could be an indication of depression. It often envelopes us slowly and before we know it, there isn’t much of anything we really feel like doing. Watch for this sign of depression and counteract it by forcing yourself into doing something positive and productive.

2. How have you been sleeping? If you find it difficult to fall asleep or your sleep is interrupted, this is a good sign that you are probably troubled by something. Depression doesn’t rest just because you do; it weaves and winds itself through your subconscious as you sleep and try to recoup. Something so embedded in your mind probably requires your immediate attention and a persistent effort until it is resolved.

3. Are you feeling completely overwhelmed or out of control? Feeling helpless or hopeless is often a big clue that depression is on the prowl, and although the first instinct may be to conceal or ignore it, that’s the last thing you should be doing. Before these particular feelings take on a life of their own, talk about them with someone.

4. Is your temper short? If your own emotions are bottled up and boiling over, we can inadvertently take it out on others. Don’t fault yourself too much, simply apologize and get some help so that you can get a hold of yourself. Depression is usually too much to bear and works its way out of us in different forms, none of which are too pretty.

5. Are you spending too much time alone? Pushing others away is a self-defense mechanism most of us employ when facing the fear of our own vulnerability. If you are depressed, you are left feeling uncertainty and weakness. Something is wrong and you don’t want it to show; you don’t want to be overwhelmed by another thing you’re in no state to handle. Being alone is very fertile territory for full-blown depression, so fight the urge and spend time with a friend.

6. Are you eating differently or turning to substances? Depression turns your appetite completely upside down and inside out. If you don’t feel like eating, chances are good that something is wrong and needs to be worked out. Certainly, if you find yourself reaching for alcohol or some other mind altering substance more frequently, outside intervention or serious dose of self-discipline is in immediate order. Force yourself to eat some good food, skip the false sense of wellness provided by drinking and talk to a friend or your family physician.

If you are overcome by your emotional state, definitely seek an outside source of help. It doesn’t have to be a professional or take up a lot of your time, just someone in the know either about depression or all about you who can help you decide what to do. Don’t let your depression linger and don’t go it alone; let people care.