Get Your Depression Under Control With Affirmations And Visualization

Positive Affirmations & Positive Thinking

AffirmationsIf you find yourself plagued by negative thinking and depressing thoughts, there are a number of simple everyday things that you can do to help free yourself. Severe depression is a condition that should be managed by a physician or psychiatrist; however, there are times when simply changing the way you think and altering your approach to life will help relieve your depression symptoms. Read on to learn how affirmations and visualization can work together to help lift your depression.

The way we think is often deeply ingrained. We learn our thinking patterns when we are very young, and we tend to repeat the same pattern over and over again. To change your way of thinking takes a very definite, strong and positive decision. It begins with simply recognizing your negative thought patterns and becoming aware of them. When you recognize a negative way of thinking coming on, it is imperative that you replace your negative thoughts with positive ones.

Affirmations are a great tools for replacing your negative thoughts. Affirmations are positive statements that can apply to multiple situations. You can glean affirmations from a number of sources such as the bible or other religious texts, books on positive thinking, web sites that offer positive quotes, and even decks of cards that feature daily affirmations to help you make it through the trials and tribulations of your day.

Changing Negative Thoughts Using Positive Affirmations

You can use affirmations by memorizing them and then simply replacing your negative thoughts with an appropriate positive affirmation the moment the negative thought pops up. By doing this consistently, you will eventually replace your negative thoughts with affirmations. Having positive thoughts pop into your head instead of negative ones will go far toward beating back your feelings of depression.

Visualization is another way to combat depression. The idea is to envision yourself as you wish to be doing the things you wish to do. It works well to use a combination of meditation and visualization both at the end and the beginning of your day. Before you go to sleep take a few moments to relax and envision the upcoming day. Think of yourself going through your day happily and successfully and attaining the goals you set forth for yourself. By practicing this exercise before bedtime, you will give your mind a chance to ruminate on your wishes and accept the notion that you can and will be happy and successful in the day to come. Repeating this exercise upon arising will strengthen your resolve and help you have a marvelous day.

Remember that you listen to your own thoughts more often and more consistently than you do those of anybody else. It is important to have and maintain a positive outlook and think well of yourself. Give yourself a break and expect the best, and you will soon find your load lightened and your day brighter. Follow the simple, doable tips presented here to lift your depression with the consistent use of affirmations and positive visualization.