Depression Myths Finally Put To Rest

Depression is a very real medical condition that effects millions of people of all ages and backgrounds. There are different degrees of depression from reacting to a specific event to clinical depression and feelings of suicide. There are many myths surrounding depression that are just not true. Believing certain myths can have a negative impact on your life and treating your depression. This article will help you to distinguish the myths from the facts. Knowing the difference can really help you to battle your depression and win the fight. Keep reading to get informed.

Distinguishing The Myths and Facts

MythsDepression is more than just feeling sad. Depression is not only feelings of sadness, it is also feeling helpless2, lethargic and in extreme cases hurting yourself or others. It is perfectly normal and healthy to feel sad in reaction to a loss like a job or death of a loved one, but this should only be temporary and eventually go away. Depression does not go away and can stay for a long time. If you feel as though you have been feeling down longer than you probably should, you might be suffering from depression and want to seek some help.

A myths that is completely untrue is that depression is a weakness or character flaw. This could not be further from the truth. Depression has to do with an imbalance of chemicals in your brain and is no way your fault. This is why many people find that it is helpful to take medication to treat their depression. Medication can balance the chemicals in your brain to help you feel more like yourself again. Anyone who tells you that your depression is your own fault is wrong and just misinformed about what it really is.

Myths about depression

Too much stress in your life can cause you too feel a little down, but being stressed out is not the same as being depressed. There are situations in life that can cause you to feel overwhelmed and helpless. Stress is usually a reaction to a specific event or chain of events and will eventually go away. Many of the symptoms of being overly stressed out are similar to those of depression, such as feeling sad, hopeless and anxious. If these feelings continue to bother you, don’t let people convince you that it is merely stress. You know yourself best and if you are having trouble with feeling depressed there is no shame in seeking some help.

Depression is a condition that can be passed on through your parents genes, but just because a family member suffers from depression does not necessarily mean that you will also. It is true that depression can be genetic but that does not mean that it will effect you, just that you are at a higher risk of developing it. It is normal to go through periods when you feel sad and this does not mean that you are suffering from depression, unless the feelings do not eventually go away.

Depression is a condition that effects many people’s lives. There are many myths surrounding depression, and hopefully now you can distinguish fact from fiction.