Depression Can Be Motivating!

Depression is real and unfortunately, can have an effect on anything to everything surrounding your world. There are many different factors to take into consideration if you feel you might be suffering from depression. Depression is caused by an imbalance of dopamine or serotonin in the human brain. The following ideas and questions will help you and your loved ones get through depression, manage your feelings.

Depression Does Not Have To Run Your Life

DepressionDepression does not have to control your life and should not be taken lightly. See a doctor and figure out why you feel depressed, and if diagnosed get medication to manage your illness. If you have been experiencing long periods of sadness, you have a hard time getting out of bed, can’t bring yourself to shower daily, etc it is time to see a doctor A doctor has the knowledge and tools needed to diagnose if you do have depression and make life a lot easier through medication, coping mechanisms, referrals, etc. You will live with depression for the rest of your life and can manage it so you are able to function in society with hope.

There are endless reasons why you should take medication for depression which is a personal decision you have to make. If you indefinitely have a chemical imbalance medication can be prescribed to imitate or replace these missing chemicals such as dopamine. Do you want to feel pleasure again; do you have a desire to get out of bed on those days where you can’t and don’t get out of bed, isolate yourself, maybe even have irrational thoughts such as suicide. Many people take medication because they need it to function, many do not wish to deal with the side effects depression medication can cause such as weight gain, loss of your sex drive. Again, it’s a very personal choice depending on your priorities in life or situation.

Is Exercise the Best Drug for Depression?

Exercise is the best medication for depression and it is free! Walking daily is generally recommended when suffering depression for so many reasons. Walking in the outdoors exposes you to a natural antidepressant, vitamin d. Vitamin D is generated from the son and most people have a deficiency. Walking outdoors is a challenge and can be a goal for you to manage your depression. Walking outdoors releases tension and stress. It is very healthy for the mind and can really benefit everyone’s mental well-being.

To many seeking and maintaining an active social life when depressed is absolutely out of the picture. However, seeking social interaction and maintaining a social life is important if you are serious about living with depression instead of being stuck in a hopeless state of depression. Isolating yourself with depression can be dangerous; in some cases it can lead to other mental disorders such as agoraphobia, bipolar disorder and can lead to suicide.

Read the tips above – just do it! Prove to the ones you love you care and be pro-active instead of reactive. The Internet is a valuable portal to obtain the help and support you need.