Are You Really Depressed?

Everyone alive goes through days where they are not feeling so hot. This can even continue going on for a few days or weeks. Yet, when does just being blue go from something temporary to full blown depression. If you are feeling a downturn like this emotionally and it seems to be not going away, you might need to consider the possibility of depression. Keep reading for common signs and symptoms of depression that signal something more than just feeling down.

Self-Test to Know if You’re Really Depressed

Really DepressedIf you ever find yourself crying for no particular reason, you are really depressed. Crying can be triggered by things that have no particular relation to the cause of the crying, but if you do not know very quickly why tears are in your eyes, you have excess negative emotion that just exists as is.

Feeling sad in general all of the time is a big warning sign about depression. Granted, everyone has people, places and times that just make them feel not as good as others, but if you are frowning and fretting every hour of the day, then you are probably and really depressed.

Think about what use to make you happy and what activities you used to fill your free time with. If they no longer bring you any joy or you feel no passion for your old hobbies and interests, it is likely that depression has snared you.

Serious changes in your appetite can be a stern warning sign or symptom of depression setting in. As a matter of fact, depression is sometimes caused or reinforced by diet. Try staying away from heavy and greasy foods in favor of fresh produce.

How is your metabolism? If you are constantly fatigued and never have too much energy, then you have likely contracted a bout of depression. Even as a mental health state, it saps your physical energy and makes it very hard to go through the day with a lot of zeal.

Do you have much hope for the future? Do you have any? Hopelessness is a very strong warning sign of depression, as the name implies. Depressed individuals often feel in a hole that they will never escape.

Have you noticed any changes in your sleep patterns lately?

Depression is often associated with not wanting to get out of bed in the morning, and that is true in many cases. However, it can also be a matter of not getting to sleep too quickly in the evening either, as you lay in bed staring at the ceiling contemplating unpleasant possibilities.

Concentration and attention span in general suffer greatly when someone is really depressed. Depression is often like a fog that sets into the mind, and so focus on much of anything does not last very long.

Depression is something that can impact anyone. Causes can range from losing someone or it just setting it without warning. Be mindful of the warning symptoms within this article, and you can have the first step towards better health, just by knowing that you might be afflicted and need help.