Cope With Your Depression With These Steps

How to Cope With Your Depression | Negative Thoughts

Cope With Your DepressionIf you suffer from depression, you might not even want to set your alarm clock. Your day is just not worth facing, and if you do get out of bed, you feel sapped of energy from the start. Life can seem hopeless and that there is nowhere to go for assistance. Still, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and the ideas presented in the remainder of this article can help you to cope with your depression and find more.

Journal regularly. The best time to do cope with your depression is after you get out of bed, and not too far into your day. Sit down with pen and paper and write out three longhand pages, just stream of consciousness. Cuss, swear, complain, grunt and moan to your three pages about whatever is weighing on you. The pages are there to listen. If you do not like what you write, you can always get the physical release of burning them, and maybe your negative thoughts with them.

Get involved with a support group. It is said that misery loves company, but it might be more accurate to say that company defeats misery. A large component of depression is feeling alone and helpless. Surround yourself with others feeling the same way and you can stop being alone. Support groups can be found online or in person through your job, educational institution, local government, insurance provider, physician referral and even your house of worship.

Talking to Your Physician About Depression

Talk to your medical physician. Doctors actually deal with depression more often than psychologists and psychiatrists and have a wide arsenal of antidepressants to possibly prescribe you. Also, they can run a battery of tests that might find and isolate physical causes or symptoms that can be addressed. Depression is in many cases actually just a shortage of B and D vitamins within a person’s body.

Keep an eye out for anything that is free. Depression is often from chronic stress, where lack of money plays a huge factor. So, you might not have the chance to afford insurance or prescriptions. Look around online for resources that are available at no charge, like local health clinics and free support groups. Even look out for free or cheap festivals and events that might at least cheer you up for the afternoon. A good movie at a dollar theater can turn around any lousy day.

Spend time with others, but try not to spend time with others who are also depressed. It is not1 the responsibility of happy people to lift your mood, so restrain your negativity around them, but still, just being around those smiling and laughing can rub off on you in a good way. If possible, see comedians whenever you can and listen to comedic albums over dark or depressing music. Laughter is great medicine.

Put these ideas into play and you can find relief from depression in very short order. Read this article help you to cope with your depression.You might not be sunshine and smiles right away, but you will be well on your way. Good luck, and do not give up!