Things You Can Do Everyday To Stay Upbeat In A Depressing World

In today’s world, it’s hard not to be depressed. With economic, environmental, financial and job concerns looming over our heads, the vast majority of people have good reason to feel down. This is normal; however, when feeling sad and blue becomes a never ending condition, it’s time to do something about it. The ideas shared in this article will help you get a handle on your genuine sorrow and put it in perspective to prevent having it turn into life threatening depression to stay upbeat in a depressing world.

Thoughts About A Depressing World

Depressing WorldIf you have been feeling down for quite a while, try to meditate a bit on what the root cause of your depression might be. Did one event trigger the feelings you are having now, or is it a feeling that has built up over time? Do you have a predisposition for depression due to genetics? Think about and list all of the factors that contribute to your current feelings. Having a list will help you generate ideas to address each situation.

Once you have your list of things that have made you unhappy, generate a second list of things that make you happy. Are you currently engaging in activities that brighten your mood? If not, you need to add those things to your regular, daily schedule. You deserve to be happy, and doing things that are rewarding and brighten your day is an excellent way to achieve that. Don’t let a false sense of duty or guilt make you put off taking enjoyment in life. A life without joy is hardly worth living, so you want to be sure to build joy into your life.

Take good care of yourself. Be certain that you are following good physical health habits such as eating well, sleeping well, getting light to moderate exercise for at least 20 minutes a day and drinking plenty of fresh, filtered water. Avoid junk food, soft drinks, drugs and alcohol. Be sure to take a good, balanced multi-vitamin every day. Being in the best physical condition possible will do wonders for your outlook.

Positive Interaction in Everyday Life

Another thing you can do to brighten your outlook is to look your best. Be sure your hair is always nicely cut and styled, your clothing neat, clean and well-fitted and yourself properly bathed and turned out. Looking your best will help others approach you in a positive manner. Positive interactions in your daily life will go far to boost your enjoyment of your days and lift your depression.

Adopt a pet! Pets are wonderful, non-judgmental companions who are always happy to see you and spend time with you and always want to do whatever you want to do. They are great friends and good listeners. Research has shown that petting and spending time with a pet lowers blood pressure, increases feel-good endorphin levels, and helps people feel more satisfied with life in general. When you adopt a pet from a local shelter, you save a life. That’s definitely something to feel good about upbeat in a depressing world.

If you give all of these methods a good solid try – for a month or so – and you still feel sad and blue, see your doctor. You may be experiencing a chemical imbalance or a physical illness that is causing your feelings. In this case, you may need medical intervention. If your sorrow is overwhelming and/or you feel you might harm yourself or someone else, be sure to call a crisis hotline or seek help from your doctor, counselor or a trusted friend right away.

By following the tips presented here, you will enable yourself to live a more satisfying and rich life. This is sure way to avoid depression even in these troubled times. You can do everyday
to stay upbeat in a depressing world.