The Differences Between Chronic Depression and Situational Depression

There are different degrees of depression that you can feel. It is quite normal to feel sadder than usual after an event such as a loss, but when those sad feelings don’t go away it can become a problem. Chronic depression tends to last for a long time and has to do with a chemical imbalance in the brain. Situational depression does not last as long, and is a direct response to an event or specific situation. The treatment is different for these two types of depression, and this article will show you the difference between the two types of depression.

Types of Depression | Situational Depression

Situational DepressionSituational depression does usually not last for very long, and is a direct response to something negative happening. Usually this type of depression is caused by a death, loss of a job or an accident of some kind. After any kind of life change like these, it is normal to grieve for a period. It is the body’s normal response to feel sadness in reaction to sad situations. Unlike chronic depression, the sadness usually disappears after a while. If it does not, than it is time to see a professional. Talk therapy tends to work well for this type of depression.

If you have been feeling depressed for a long period of time, then it might be more than situational depression. Chronic depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain, which means you should not blame yourself for the way you are feeling. A combination of medication and talk therapy are usually an effective way to treat chronic depression. If you are thinking about doing harm to yourself or others, you should seek help immediately. Depression is a serious illness and chronic depression can be extremely difficult to fight and beat alone. The disease might have you believe that you are all alone, but it is important to remember that you are not. There are people who are trained to help you, and can give you their support.

Antidepressants For Situational Depression?

If you are suffering from situational depression, more than likely your doctor will not prescribe traditional antidepressant medication. These types of medications usually work gradually over time. If you are having trouble sleeping, your doctor might prescribe sleeping aids but only as a short term solution. They might also prescribe a faster acting short term medication. Many people suffering from situational depression find that seeing a therapist to discuss their current problems can really work wonders.

Living with depression can be hard. Whether you are dealing with a current situation and feel a little down, or are so depressed you have trouble rising in the morning, there is help available to you. Some form or another of depression affects most people at some point in their life and it is nothing to be ashamed about. Being able to differentiate between these two types of depression can help you seek the right kind of treatment. Depression is treatable, so if you have been feeling down lately you might want to talk to your doctor. The sooner you address it, the sooner you can begin feeling better.