Slow Steps You Can Take Out Of Heavy Depression

Depression is not only a void, but a gravity well. When it latches on to you, it can take a lot of energy to escape it. You might get out of it temporarily through sheer willpower and even rage, but then you crash right back into it. To get out for good, you have to take solid but slow baby steps and calmly exit the quagmire. Keep reading into the following paragraphs for some such steps.

The Link Between Depression and Diet

DepressionTry altering your diet to include anything that enhances your levels of serotonin. Prozac and related antidepressants do their job by tripping up the reuptake of serotonin by the brain’s receptors. That just increases the serotonin levels in your body. However, your grocery store is probably full of foods that boost serotonin almost as well as Prozac.

Speaking of which, eat healthy anyway. When you are depressed, you do not feel like doing anything or that you can do anything right. So, you are likely chugging down soda and booze after eating fast food or take out. It might seem like the only thing that feels good right now, and your taste buds are happy for the short term, but what is good life for your mouth is killing your overall sense of wellness and being.

Spend time with a friend you can open up too. They are not going to have answers, more than likely, but they do have an ear, a heart and a different point of view. Sometimes, just getting a feeling out in an environment of love takes the edge off the hurt enough that you can get rolling again with life. Who knows? They might have even suffered depression themselves and can help you out of yours.

Think about the season. Sometimes, depression really is just the time of year. If you get depressed in the winter, spend time where there is lots of light and have foods that are warm, wet and high in protein. In the summer, sometimes the high humidity can kill your desire to go outdoors, meaning you just hide inside watching television. Try to get out for a walk at dawn or dusk when the light and heat are at their gentlest.

How to Cure Depression With One Prescription

Never choose to avoid all pills. Antidepressants are varied in their options, and some of them have only mild side effects that your depression is doing to you anyway, like anxiety and insomnia. Your doctor can possibly cure your depression with one prescription. It beats sliding into suicide.

Change your tastes in music. What rocked you out when you were happy might not mean anything anymore in your current state. Try new genres and find something that brings a sense of peace within you. The Internet makes it very easy to explore new genres, and anything new in life can help you get rid of the old feelings often associated with depression.

Depression can be a hard planet to find escape velocity from. Use the steps in this article to find a happier orbit.