Simple Steps Towards Less Depression

Attitudes towards depression

When you are fighting depression, you might feel like it is impossible to be happy. Life stinks and it always will, and you may wonder what is the point of doing anything because it will always go down the drain? Well, the nice thing about fighting depression is that you do not have to make yourself happy. You just have to feel a little better, and you can do that five simple ways every day. Once you make habits of these small actions, your depression will interrupted with positivity so often that it will get bored with you and go haunt someone else. Keep reading for more on how to do this.

DepressionWas there ever a night or weekend that you looked forward to? As you were getting ready for it, you thought “This is going to be great!” And then it was? That was an affirmation. Depression is no different. You wake up in the morning and think the day is going to stink. And then it does. Often, you are subconsciously sabotaging yourself every step of the way. Put something on your calendar that you look forward to, even if it is weeks away. Have anything you can that excites you on your horizon.

If you seem unable to work out your depression mentally, do it physically. Sweating from exercise is going to leave you feeling better immediately from endorphins, and for another day or so as you are more clean inside your body and skin. Your confidence will also take a temporary boost. Scientific research shows that exercises makes your body boost serotonin and norepinehrine. Both these make your brain grow new nerve cells, and these tend to be happier than your older depressed ones. As a matter of fact, regular exercise has the same effect as antidepressents, all without the stigma of needing a pill to be happy.

Benefits and Side Effects – Depression

Get seven to nine hours of sleep every night, and sleep the same hours every night. Depression is sometimes nothing more than a side effect of an irregular or insufficient sleep schedule, which throws your moods out of whack. Try a new mattress or bed.

Get some sunlight every day. Failure to get enough can put your body into a tailspin, especially in terms of serotonin and vitamin D production, both of which impact your nervous system. Depression is often also a feeling of being weighed down or sat upon. Open natural spaces are a chance to breath and decompress. Take a short walk, or eat at the outdoor section of bars and restaurants.

Do what you can to be more yourself. Society often asks individuals to fake it until they make it, to always be happy and on and moving. Stop the pretense whenever you can. Of course, you can probably not do this all the time or immediately, especially at work. But, if you do not feel like spending as much time with your family as you do because they drag you down, cut back. Identify the folks in your life that accept you for who you truly are adn spend more time with them. Speak your mind and be yourself.

Now that you know these five strategies towards feeling better, you can find relief constantly, even in depression. These are all simple steps that take less than a day to do, and the more often you feel a little better, the less hold depression has over you. Good luck!