Put On A Happy Face: How To Beat Your Blues!

Depression is a tough opponent to defeat, but it’s far better than just accepting the beat your blues and staying down! Learn ways to fight depression and enjoy living again–you owe it to yourself, and the following tips can help you accomplish the beat your blues.

Ten Ways to Beat Your Blues

Beat Your Blues1. Find new interests. Boredom often plays a part in depression, particularly when your life seems to consist of the same day repeating itself, over and over. Find new things to do, different places to hang out and new ways to enjoy living.

2. Adopt a healthier philosophy. Walking around with the “woe is me” attitude will definitely fuel a depressed state, or even instigate one. Mentally force yourself to look at the glass as being half full and count your blessings often.

3. Solve your personal problems. Bills piling up, stagnant and unhealthy relationships, even your house or apartment being unkept can all contribute to your depression. Resolve to finally fix the things in life that get you down and stress you out.

4. Make new friends. Meeting new people is exciting for both learning about them and introducing yourself. Join an online forum and start chatting, or hit the social scene in a new neighborhood and mingle.

5. Cut out your bad behavior. If you constantly reach for a pint of Rocky Road or ice-cold six-pack every time you get a touch of the beat your blues, you are just setting yourself up for depression. Recognize the unproductive ways you may be self-medicating and replace them with things that are beneficial.

6. Have realistic expectations of life. Depression can easily be brought on by disappointment and sometimes that disappointment is because your expectations were just too high. Break goals down into smaller, achievable steps and make sure your end-goal is not actually too lofty to really reach.

7. Make positive changes where ever possible. Little things can do a lot to bring you up or down, so look for small changes you can make in your life or routine that give cause to smile. If big changes are in order, like a new job or home, don’t be afraid of taking that on–be more afraid of leaving things in a depressed state!

8. Get physical. Exercise is very beneficial to both mind and body. It releases stress and tension and also healthy brain chemicals that boost your mood. Make the time for regular workouts, however modest, and be dedicated to their positive influence.

9. Eat like you love yourself. Living on fast food and other junk is just no way to treat yourself! Respect your body by filling it up with healthy foods that are good for you and don’t burden you with guilt. Studies show that too much fat, sugar and sodium add to depression and inactivity; expect more from your diet and self.

10. Practice thought control. Although much easier said than done, mentally training yourself to counteract negative thoughts with positive ones can empower you out of depression or at least give you a fighting chance. Teach that little voice inside of you to be your cheerleader and coach, not a catalyst to misery and wallowing.

Nobody knows you like you do, and nobody else is truly in control of your life and thought process like you are. One way or another, you’ve got to find a way to fight back against the forces of depression and start smiling again. Hopefully, this article has taught you new and effective ways of doing that.