How to Determine Whether Someone Has Depression

Depression can be upsetting to live with. However, it can also be a challenge to live with someone who has depression. Here are some signs to help you determine whether someone is depressed and may need help.

Living With Someone Else’s Depression

Depression1. Think about what they have had to say lately. Are they talking about problems in their life? Are they expressing frustration and unhappiness in their life? Listen to what they are saying; they may be revealing more than they intend to.

2. Look at their personal hygiene. Do they seem to be showering daily? Is their hair neatly styled? Are there clothes clean? It is easy to overlook these things, but a person who is depressed has a hard time feeling up to taking care of these basic issues. They may not shower, they may wear the same clothes over and over again and their hair will appear uncared for. If you know to pay attention to hygiene, you can often catch the very first signs of depression.

3. Determine whether they are isolating themselves. Depressed people often push others away, choosing instead to stay near their television or computer. They tend to cancel outings and claim to feel tired. Depression can be debilitating, and they may just be too exhausted and upset to see anyone. A depressed person simply does not feel that they have the emotional energy to spend time with people, even if they manage to keep their job and fulfill their responsibilities.

4. Find out what their diet is like. If they are barely eating, this is a sign they are feeling depressed. It can also be a sign of depression if they are shamelessly overeating. Anyone who has depression needs to be eating a healthy diet, since food contains the minerals and nutrients necessary to help the body run properly. Usually, their diet is not very good.

5. Monitor them for signs of self-harm. Many depressed people do not do this to themselves, but there are some who do. They will likely not admit this, so you must do your best to see if they have any signs of cuts or bruises. If you see any signs, get in touch with a medical professional right away.

6. Ask them if they feel depressed. Many people are familiar with depression, so they may already suspect that they are depressed. Have a talk with them about how they are feeling and whether they want to seek help. They may be waiting for someone else to notice that they need help before seeking help themselves, and knowing that you care may be enough to keep them going for the day.

7. Think about how long this behavior has lasted. Everyone has their down days, and sometimes people have life circumstances that are difficult to deal with. However, if the person in question has been feeling this way for many months, they may have chronic depression.

Depression can be difficult for the person who’s going through it, but it is also an hard for those who care about the depressed person. Use the information in this article to determine whether you know someone who is depressed, so you can help them to get help.