Being Proactive About your Depression

Depression can really knock you off your feet and take the joy right out of living. Sometimes it creeps up on you and other times strikes suddenly, but you want to get rid of it fast, either way. Fortunately, there are numerous ways you can be proactive about your depression, and get back to enjoying your life. The following article will highlight some of those ways to proactive about your depression.

Ways to Proactive About your Depression

Proactive About your Depression1. Start writing. A journal can really help empty your head of built-up emotions, and show you the origins of your depression. It can be a psychological diagram of how you got from happy and upbeat to where you are now. Even if daily writing doesn’t explain everything, putting your thoughts to paper will definitely be therapeutic.

2. Analyze your feelings. Although it might be painful, take the time to think about your emotions, what triggers them, makes them worse or provides you with relief from them. Try to figure out the cycle of depression and how it evolves for your particular circumstances. This will be a great tool for combating your depression.

3. Talk to someone. Anyone you can trust who knows you pretty well may provide you with a much needed ear for listening. Knowing you will help them in giving you advice; trusting them means you will feel free to discuss anything. Just airing out your emotions can be a huge step in fighting off depression. A second opinion is also very valuable for determining how severe your condition may be.

4. Find distractions. Although it will not cure depression, totally immersing yourself in your work or some other intense task can give you a break from the burden of depression. When you are busy figuring things out or solving problems, your mind isn’t preoccupied with what ever is depression you, and you get a break from the heavy load.

5. Pick up a hobby. If you have always wanted to learn oil painting, for example, now is a better time than ever to sign-up. Get yourself involved in a creative activity that allows self-expression or exercise, both of which are great for channeling depression out of your system. It may also be of great help to you to be around a group of people, even if you don’t know them.

6. Try positive thinking. Mentally attacking depression at the first sign of it in your mind may work to keep its seeds from taking root. As soon as a negative or self-defeating thought enters your mind, counteract it with something good about yourself or world. Keep at it! Humans are basically a collection of organized thoughts, so learn to control the thoughts that make you who you are and influence so much of your living.

7. Seek professional help. If you know you are just too far down in the dumps or depression stalks you at every turn, find relief from a doctor. A professional evaluation and treatment may work quickly and effectively, or take a while to get going but either way, you’re not going it alone and will eventually find relief.

People from all walks of life experience depression at one time or another; rich people, old people, teachers, doctors, blue-collars and so on. It’s part of life, but learning to treat it proactive about your depression and much better for you than learning to live with it alone.